Saving the foundation through art

As the current pandemic is affecting many people worldwide, we are also facing challenges. Under normal circumstances, Insiders Foundation is fueled by tourism. By giving tourists an amazing experience in Comuna 13, we are able to help children and give them the tools to develop themselves and create a better quality of life. Currently, tourism has been halted and this has direct consequences for us and achieving our goals. Tourism is our only resource, which implies we are about to disappear if nothing changes. 

Yet, from the start of it all, we have been determined to not leave it at this. We have to save our foundation and we want to do more for our community! We want to help our people by showing them simple things such as how to wash your hands, so that we could prevent them from getting infected.

To this end, we came up with a great idea to start collaborations with local artists! These are some of the best artists in Comuna 13, working with music and art. Their pieces of art are for sale on our website. Because together with your economic support and our determined mindset we can make a difference! 

Meet our allied artists

John Alexander Serna is one of the most representative mural artists in comuna 13, where he grew up. He spent a large part of his childhood with his friends. Some of them gradually stimulated him to take up arms. However, John Alexander followed others fighting for a better future and chased his dreams. He developed himself as an artist and became known as ‘Chota’. He shows his artwork, and his talent, to tourists from all over the world.

CHOTY is a pop-rap artist, born and raised in comuna 13 of Medellín, Colombia. In present-day Colombia this area is known to be a cradle of artists of urban genres and a place marked for its sociocultural transformation.

As a young entrepreneur Choty is influenced by musical genres such as reggaeton, urban fusion, cumbia, dance hall, hip hop, electronic and pop. He proved himself a fighter and managed to rise and represent his country.

Insiders Foundation

Medellin, Colombia