Painting With Kids

The experience of painting houses in comuna 13 is getting better and better.

On this occasion with Leila, a tourist from Sweden, we arrived to comuna 13 looking for a place to paint. A couple of children suggested a wall that was abandoned, and at the same time they wanted to participate. They wanted to leave their mark on their community, and so we joined together to help them do so.

We were very satisfied with the work and the inhabitants of the houses around the wall thanked us for helping to add a bit of beauty and color to the area.

The neighbors approached and suggested new places where we can paint, so we will come back with new posts about this.

Thanks to all those who have supported us, we will continue doing this activity to beautify, step by step, the houses of these people with scarce economic resources and with such great dreams to fulfill.

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School uniforms for children of Comuna 13

Thanks to the donation of uniforms by Stephanie Miele and her husband Mark Fitzpatrick, two foreigners committed to helping this community, it was possible for 20 children to have new uniforms that they are required to wear to school.

Colors Everywhere!

The public walls of comuna 13 are full of color, and that makes us proud because through colors we have made great changes in the community. However, the poorest houses still do not have much color and we want to change this.

Oral Hygiene for kids in comuna 13

We executed this project in September of 2019. It was developed in comuna 13 where, believe it or not, some children do not have access to dental care. The main idea was that 210 children were given products, such as toothbrushes and floss, that would help their oral hygiene.

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