Painting 100 houses 

Comuna 13 is a magic place, we have said this before, but we want to make it more magic.

This place has 140k inhabitants and it is one of the most visited places by tourists in Medellin for sure. The reason why people from all over the world visit this place is because there are hundreds of murals all over, but you may say there are places like that everywhere, but these ones are special. This project started as a way to tell a story they tell the story of transformation of a place that was abandoned by the government for many years.

There are million colors in comuna 13, but mostly in public walls, but not in houses. We as a way to help a person that asked for it painted a house and we saw that the reaction of the people around was very good. Since then we started painting different houses, 10 already, but we want to paint 100. This way we bring colors and happiness to this place.

We already have a couple of machines that help us to paint very fast and every week we find foreigners that want to help.

We are very happy of doing this because we know we change a little bit the normal life of this community.

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Insiders Foundation

Medellin, Colombia