Choty is a pop-rap artist, born and raised in Comuna 13 of Medellin, Colombia. In present-day Colombia this area is known to be a cradle of artists of urban genres and a place marked for its sociocultural transformation.

As a young entrepreneur Choty is influenced by musical genres such as reggaeton, urban fusion, cumbia, dance hall, hip hop, electronic, and pop. He proved himself a fighter and managed to rise and represent his country.

Choty began to compose his music from the age of 16. In 2012 he released his first song “Sueltate” with his partner at the time, Eivicy. Together they formed a duo until 2013. Later on, Choty started a new adventure in the group ‘CLAVE 2’, at a much more professional level.  Between 2015 and 2017 he set up a home recording studio and released his first song as a solo artist and video performance at the beginning of 2017: Ven Para Acá. The following year he became more successful and well-known in Comuna 13 and the city of Medellin. This is illustrated by the song ‘Voy a Beber’ that got more than 50,000 streams online.

Choty is currently working on new singles and his first studio album, he continues working really hard to become a top artist.

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